Forest Fun Club – Holiday Club


Location: Pickhurst Infant Academy, Eastry Avenue, Hayes, BR2 7PF

Description: School Holiday activity at Forest Fun Club for 4 to 10 year olds. 10am to 1pm, with an option for 9am pre booked drop off.

Taya’s Rating: 11/11 (because why does it need to be out of 10.)

Hints and Tips: The children need to wear old clothes, waterproofs, wellington boots, hats and gloves. They also need to take a packed lunch and a water bottle along.

What the Big Kids thought: I dropped off two clean, excited children, and collected two extremely wet, muddy but exhilarated children with lots of stories about what they had been up to, begging me to let them go again.

Taya’s Tittle Tattle: 

We went on Friday in the Winter Holidays. We went to Forest School, me and Dylan, my brother, went and we did lots of fun things.

0404C6CE-7778-48BF-83D4-87E266CC2FC3You had to wear your forest school things, waterproofs that were joined together or waterproof coats and trousers, you wear your boots, Welly boots. You could wear a hat and some gloves it didn’t matter if they got muddy or wet.

When I woke up in the morning I felt really excited and Dylan felt the same. I was looking forward to making bird feeders. I was looking forward to introducing Dylan to Kathryn because I had been before with mummy, we used to go when Dylan was at school and I wasn’t.


It was a bit rainy and then it started to be a bit cold and not so rainy.

We first queued up and then when we had signed our names we just went and ran around and played IT. We walked to forest school, you could roll on the ground, and hop, and walk backwards, I just walked to be boring.

They told us the rules. You had to sit on logs that were placed in a circle, the teachers called it base camp. One of the rules was “no pick no lick” it means don’t pick anything that is growing and don’t lick your fingers. When they wanted you to come back they would say “one two three come back to base camp”. If you wanted to climb a Tree you needed to ask an adult.

So because we didn’t want a snowman not to have noses we played a game to find their noses, I found one real carrot that was cut in half and all mouldy and muddy.

You could choose pretty much anything that you can do in a wood to do there.  I choosed to make a game with Dylan, which was that you had to hang a string up on a piece of rope and then another piece, and you had a toy pig that you wrapped a piece of string around and another which you put a stick on, and you tried to whack the pig down, and the pig was sitting on some crates. The aim of the game was to try to whack the pig off the crates with the string still around its waist. A bit like piñata.

I also made a bird feeder so that I could feed the birds with it at home. I held some pipe cleaners and put some Cheerios on it.

We made reindeer food, there was a cuddly reindeer that was watching us, like he was waiting for the food.


I made a friend that was called Eve she had a red suit on. I had some friends from preschool called Luca and Vinny, it was nice to see them because they don’t go to the same school as me.

Some people came out with mud on their faces but I didn’t because I didn’t want to, and that was ok, they looked like they were in the army, one boy looked like he was a puddle himself.

I decorated some trees with some tinsel and baubles, you could pick what you wanted and decorate them. Mine had heart baubles that were blue, and I put some turquoise and pink tinsel on. You had to spread it out so you could see it. It looked nice and beautiful.

People were pushing the hammock really high, I went in it, some people wiggled it, shaking it so that I felt like I might fall out. I made an order that we could go in and we took it in turns. Some people just did the pushing and didn’t want to go in, that was ok.

You could roast marshmallows after lunch time, so there was a fire and you had a marshmallow on a stick, you had to hold it over the fire and when it turned a bit brown you had to do either 10 or 20 blows until you could eat it. It tasted really yummy.

They gave you a bag that had some things for Christmas presents in it, it was really nice.
I would like to go back once because it was really really good and I wouldn’t want to miss out on anything that they do.


I asked Dylan what he thought about it, as he was there too…..

I thought the teachers were really nice and friendly, two of them came over to play my game and they helped a lot of children. I liked that you didn’t have to do something, you could do what you liked, the only time they got you to come over was just for lunch.
It was very easy to make friends as everyone there was really nice and there were lots of people dotted around. My friends had made a den so we had lunch on top of the den. I liked that we had a lot more time and lots more activities to do, and you could get so much done compared to forest School at my school. I would definitely really like to come back to that particular forest school with that company. It was really really fun, I would go every single time it was on if I could.

Anything you didn’t like? No nothing at all, it really is very good.

Who would like it here? I think all children will like it. Not adults because adults aren’t allowed at this one except the teachers.


One thought on “Forest Fun Club – Holiday Club

  1. Thank you Taya.
    So happpy you enjoyed yourself with Dylan.
    I loved the detail in your account and the photos – particularly at the end of the day!!!
    Well done!!


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