Fabulous Forest Fun Club

Website: http://www.forestfunclub.co.uk89651DE3-AA25-49E2-85F6-25D9A0CA5CE2

Location: Pickhurst Infant Academy, Eastry Avenue, Hayes, BR2 7PF

Description: School Holiday activity at Forest Fun Club for 4 to 10 year olds. 10am to 1pm, with an option for 9am pre booked drop off.

Taya’s Rating: 100/100 (because why does it need to be out of 10!)

                                                                                                                                                                                         Hints and Tips: The children need to wear old clothes, waterproofs, wellington boots, hats and gloves. They also need to take a packed lunch and a water bottle along.8D1FF877-6A3B-4A78-BA83-D24737431A1B


What the Big Kids thought: This is by far the children’s favourite holiday club, they think it is totally fantastic. I love picking them up and hearing their enthusiasm bubbling over. They have so many stories to tell that taking it in turns is definitely not an option.



Taya’s Tittle Tattle:


We went to Forest Club in Half Term. We wore our waterproof trousers and our waterproof coat so that we didn’t get muddy on our clothes. It was really sunny, which was different to the last time I went, because it rained last time. The rain is good though because it makes the mud wet and squelchy.

We made dens, we used waterproof things, like things that you put over cars so they don’t get wet if you don’t want them to, and then you put some sticks under it and you could eat your lunch under it.


You could have a marshmallow after your packed lunch. You had to blow it ten times because it was hot from the fire, because we roasted them on the fire.

We made drinks and we pretended they were hot chocolates, we put mud inside nice clean water, then we put grass inside. It was a plastic cup that you could play with if you were playing shops, it looked like a wine glass. It was a gooey wooey mess.

There is somewhere called the mud kitchen and a when I went into the mud Kitchen I made a mud sandwich. The fillings in it was grass and leaves, the butter was just dirty water and the bread was the mud. We didn’t eat it though otherwise we would have got sick. EB34FAFF-BC45-43F2-9F3C-5F15A404F1FD
So there was a big puddle that looked like a pond and there were lots of sticks in it. Everyone wanted to go in it, they got wet and then freezing cold, and then mud all over their faces. I tried going in it, but I didn’t want to go too far, my boots stuck to the ground.7C001649-56A7-4E02-AA01-C9921E56D571

The adults were doing jobs and taking pictures. I did a trick on one of them and I gave her muddy water to drink but she said she didn’t drink water because it was muddy water. They were very nice and friendly and kind.

You could make friends there if you didn’t already know anyone, I made a new friend called Sophia.

Some children had to call Kathryn, “Mrs Spencer” because she is their forest school teacher at school and they weren’t allowed to call her Kathryn, but if you didn’t go to that school then we could call her Kathryn like me and Dylan did.

There was a digger out that you could play with in the mud.

You could climb up trees but only to the height that you could get to, I got to the second branch which was as high as I was allowed to go. It was quite fun and you got to have as many goes as you liked.5596E0BC-C110-460D-86C2-BFD6696845BE

There were some swings that you could go on, they were made of sticks and rope. One of them didn’t swing so high and one did. I liked the one that went higher but more people liked that one so I went more on the other ones. The higher one was really big so that two people could fit on.

There was a new swing that looked like the things that babies go on to try to get to sleep, it rocks. It was like a swing but it swung over a massive muddy puddle.
Dylan trousers ripped whilst he was there and it made a massive hole in the bottom of them, I thought that Dylan was being silly but it wasn’t, it made laugh because it looked so funny. Giggle giggle giggle.

I would like to go AGAIN every single time we know that it is on.

Anything you didn’t like? Nothing, it was a lot of muddy fun

Who else would like this? My cousin, and all of my school friends would like it because it was really fun.



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